Richard W. Hughes        Lotus Gemology       Bangkok, Thailand

Richard W. Hughes is at the heart of the Tibet andesine fraud. He was paid by one or more of the major sellers of this material, which most likely included Andegem and Jewelry Television, to travel to Tibet and set up a fake expedition report. What he did not anticipate is that Colored Stone Magazine had already sent a reporter to Tibet to find the truth about Tibet andesine, and the report was clear that this story was a hoax. Hughes proceeded to make two expedition reports supposedly finding the mines, only to have the official Gemstone Testing Center of China to also visit and also found the story to be a hoax, a fraud.

This story is ongoing, but the fraudulent expedition reports have been exposed by many scientists and reporters…long before I was fully involved.

Still, Richard W. Hughes continues to cyber-attack me personally and the Insurance Institute of Jewelry Appraisal for the sole reason that we were the ones who worked to get the story out, after so many others had done the research and reporting.

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Hiding behind a mask

Just as cowards always do


Richard W. Hughes

Apparently in a mind meld with John Koivula at the Gem-A Conference.


Richard W. Hughes

Teaching kids in Tibet how to pose for images to make false claims of finding copper-bearing andesine.