Jeffery Bergman    Prima Gem          Bangkok Thailand

One of the main leaders of the Gobsmacked Gang, Jeffery Bergman has proven himself to be willing to motivate his fellow gang members to perform nasty acts of revenge and cyber-bullying against anyone who dares to stand up against him. He began attacking the International School of Gemology when he was made Vice President of the International Gem Society, a competitor of the ISG (now the Insurance Institute of Jewelry Appraisal Inc). We believe that Bergman was specifically given this position and title for the purpose of using his location in Bangkok, Thailand to institute this cyber-attack against the International School of Gemology, as well as instigating the Gobsmacked Gang threats sent to my home. Today, Bergman has been named “Technical Advisor” of the International Gem Society, a sad testimony to the lack of ethics of both Bergman and the IGS.

Jeffery Bergman

Hiding like a coward behind this “Jason” mask while holding additional masks in his lap.

Jeffery Bergman

All smiles with his fellow Gobsmacked Gang members at the Gem-A Conference where the image at left was taken.

International Gem Society

Verification posted of Bergman’s position of the International Gem Society during the time of the cyber-attacks against the International School of Gemology.