gobsmacked gangGOBSMACKED! Exposing the Dark Side of the international gemstone market

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For anyone who thinks the Tibet andesine fraud story is a thing of history, please think again. The fraud is ongoing, the players involved are still locked in a struggle, and the whole mess has done enormous damage to those who tried to put an end to the fraud. 

The internet cyber-attack against the Insurance Institute of Jewelry Appraisal, formerly the International School of Gemology, has done immeasurable damage to not only the school but also every student and graduate who has studied with us.

For the past several years I have been asked to write this book, and tell the full story of the Tibet andesine fraud fiasco. I have held off hoping that the Gobsmacked Gang would grow tired of seeking revenge and let the whole mess end. That has not happened and I have come to the point of believing that they are never going to do that. So, I have relented and have written the full story, with names and organizations involved, including the court testimonies and affidavit information that proves the thing is a fraud and the players discussed were part of it.

GOBSMACKED! The book is now available FREE here via PDF online or download reading.