Bear Williams      Stone Group Labs      Jefferson City, MO

It is no wonder that Bear Williams is a member of the Gobsmacked Gang since he is a dealer of Alberto Scarani’s GemmoRaman company and in cahoots with Scarani and other members of this gang. PLUS…..Stone Group Labs is used by Jewelry Television, one of the main players of the Tibet andesine fiasco.

Bear Willilams was the first one to issue a threat to me when I first started my investigation into the Tibet andesine fraud. In a phone conversation where he tried to talk me out of the investigation he told me: Robert, when the little dogs bark too loud the big dogs have ways of shutting them up!”

I did not appreciate the fact that Bear was referring to himself when talking about the “Big Dogs”, but I would later learn just how serious he was about this.

This is a tight-knit group that really sticks together, even when on the attack against those who expose their antics. Perhaps the most heinous aspect of Bear Williams’ membership in the Gobsmacked Gang…he was a speaker at the Gem-A Conference. No wait, that is not the most heinous! The most heinous is that he blatantly lied about being in the pictures you see below.  Now THAT is heinous!


Bear Wiliiams

The distinctive tie is unmistakable, plus the fact that witnesses confirmed the identity of Bear Williams cuddling up with Janice Wong to make sure he got in the picture. A keynote speaker to the Gem-A Conference acting like this? 


Bear Williams

Questionable professional ethics is what first comes to mind when viewing these two pictures together. This is the guy who is supposed to be an industry leader. Leader of what? Of course, leader of the Gobsmacked Gang.


Bear Williams

A sad commentary for both Stone Group Labs and the Gem-A Conference that a noted speaker would stoop to such low-life antics as we see at left.