About This Website

Before you start reading this, I need to tell you that this whole situation has been litigated in the California Supreme Court, and I prevailed. I won. The issue was the fraudulent selling of a gemstone called Tibet andesine that was supported by a hoax expedition that claimed to visit the mine led by Gobsmacked Gang leader, Richard W. Hughes. The expedition reports and the mine story were proven to be a hoax by several industry authorities, including the National Gem Testing Center of China. 

That is where this all started. Richard W. Hughes is close friends with everyone you will read about on this website. Very close. So close that his friends got together and decided to get some revenge on myself and those who worked hard to expose this fraud. 

Two weeks after I prevailed in the California Supreme Court with not only the judgment but also awarded legal costs, a cyber-attack website was put on the internet by Gobsmacked Gang member Tim Spauwen that caused great harm to our International School of Gemology. We filed another litigation against the website and again, prevailed in a court of law.

The website was ordered shut down and the ownership of the domain Tim used was transferred to me.  Tim, being the smart computer guy that he is, simply moved the cyber-attack website to a server in Iceland where the US legal system cannot reach, and he and his Gobsmacked Gang have continued their attacks ever since. You can read about the expedition story here:  Industry Ethics.

Later in the same year, the Gem-A Conference was held in London. Most of these gang members are members of the Gem-A and they took advantage of the opportunity to get together and take the image you see on the front of this website. This was taken on the front row of the Gem-A Conference.

This image along with another at a restaurant was sent to my home with a threatening letter stating: “We Are Watching You”, which I considered a very serious threat to my home and family.

I filed a complaint with the Gem-A over the issue, but unfortunately, then CEO of the Gem-A, James Riley, was in cahoots with the Gobsmacked Gang and instead of investigating the situation, he threatened to throw me out of the Gem-A if I did not get quiet. As a result, nothing was ever done about this within the Gem-A Board of Directors or the Association in any way.

It has taken almost 6 years of research to get confirmation evidence of the identities of these Gobsmacked Gang members.  There were no surprises as the gang members are exactly who we thought they were, but we needed proof before posting this website. Now, we have proof.

To Richard W. Hughes, you are a fraud. Your Tibet andesine expeditions were hoaxes and you know it.  You have done great harm to me, my family and my business all because I dared stand up to the Great Richard W. Hughes and call you out for the fraud you perpetrated.

I continue to do so even with the continued attacks by you and your cohorts. You did great harm to the Oregon Sunstone industry. You did great harm to this industry.

You can be a coward and hide behind the scary mask and do cowardly cyber-attacks against me and the ISG, but you will never be able to hide your fraud and deceptions you perpetrated on the industry.

This will never be over until it is over. Call off your Gobsmacked Gang, take down the cyber-attack website, and end this. You started it, it is up to you to end it. I will never end it until its done.

Robert James