The Gobsmacked Gang is a group of international gemstone industry leaders who supported people responsible for the largest case of gemstone fraud in the history of the industry. In this website, we are going finally expose the “Gobsmacked Gang” as they call themselves. It has taken several years of research to find the photographic proof of identification and to find corroborating witnesses to confirm those identities. These “Gobsmacked Gang” members have used threats and intimidation, cyber-attacks and cyber-bullying to thwart any effort to stop their chicanery. Perhaps when you read the full story you will be “gobsmacked” too at the dastardly deeds these people have protected and furthered in the international gemstone industry.

You can read about the individual Gobsmacked Gang members on this website, and read the full story via PDF book.

GOBSMACKED! The book is now available FREE through online PDF you can read online or download and read at your leisure. 

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